Professional Aviation Training

IPMAerosolutions has specialized in professional aviation training and consulting projects for the aviation industry since 1995. Based in Ottawa, Canada, Aerosolutions has successfully completed quality training and other aviation projects for many aviation organizations, business operators and airlines in Canada and around the world. Aerosolutions delivers professional training courses for regulators, airlines and operators for their managers, inspectors, pilots, Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (AMEs), air traffic controllers and dispatchers.

Aerosolutions has a network of associates and instructors with expertise in many areas of aviation including flight testing and training, human factors, airline operations, auditing, regulatory affairs, meteorology and aviation publications. This allows Aerosolutions to meet your needs in a wide variety of aviation topics.

David Holland, the President, has a B.A. degree from Acadia University and is presently an A330 Captain at Air Canada. He has been involved in aviation for over 30 years in the following capacities:

All training and consulting projects benefit from many years of experience in these various aspects of aviation. In addition, the Aerosolutions network of aviation professional associates and instructors ensures that your project is carried out by a professional with years of experience in that particular field of aviation. Instructors are all subject matter experts and have extensive experience as Transport Canada Inspectors or as airline pilots, managers, check pilots or instructors.
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